Basiima Crafts is a brand carefully chosen based on customer feedback, the Name ‘’Basiima” means ‘’Appreciation, embracing, and acceptance’’ this by us appreciating your support and you the customer embracing our work.

We’re built on the foundation of creativity using the traditional local materials such as the LUBUGO (Bark cloth) which is eco-friendly extracted from the inner bark of the Mutuba tree (Ficus natalensis) Commonly found in Africa mainly from Uganda Central Buganda region.

The bark carefully undergoes a vigorous process which is manual using rudimentary tools to produce the amazing final material used in most of our products.

Basiima Crafts teaches skills to the enthusiastic youngsters who are interested in acquiring new skills for life on our local site based in Masaka Uganda.

We source our materials from the local suppliers supporting small scale farmers by selling products to the international market.

Our products are handmade and are unique with high quality which makes us stand out from the rest.

We’re inspired by the eco-friendliness of bark cloth because the Mutuba tree isn’t cut down, instead it’s a renewable process and environmentally friendly since its bio degradable.

Our designs are inspired by the dedicated and skilled craftsmen who endure this treacherous process looking after the trees until their bark is harvested, using wooden mallets with differing sizes to produce the delicate textured material which we use in its natural state in most of our products to bring out its original beauty.

The bark cloth has no limits to who wears, uses or who market it since it’s considered to be the new alternative to leather as a durable, trendy and multi-purpose material from wearable’s, fabrics/furniture to car interior designs.

Support us to save the environment, buy the bark cloth products and promote the dedicated craftsmen.